We also want to point out that the “Tehran Greeters” voluntary project is part of the international “International Greeter Association”.

The greeters of Tehran are a very young group and are a non-profit project.
We are local volunteers who enjoy to make new friends, practice languages, and cultural exchanges; A Greeter will give you his or her point of view about the everyday life of a citizen in Tehran.
But be careful! The Greeters are not tour guides,We accompany you without payment or a tip – just like friends would do.

Our greeters are helpful men and women, who are students, homemaker, retirees, office workers, etc. Most of them have born, lived, and/or worked in or around Tehran for a long time.

Some of the greeters may know everything about Persian music, pop culture, or the trendy shops, while others may have an extensive knowledge of Persian food, history, culture, society, or religion.

Our volunteer members truly enjoy meeting people from different countries and cultures and sharing the fun of discovering Tehran areas!

We do not offer a complete guided tour to tourist attractions; this is the duty of the tour guides in Tehran.
But we gladly tell you what tours there are and how to register.

Do you have any questions?
Contact us at tehrangreeters[at]gmail.com