A Greeter will always try to meet your personal wishes.
However, particular expectations and “orders” are cases for professional guides.

We are not guides, but hospitable hosts who can’t wait to show our guest to everything we know about Tehran.
We offer overseas visitors a free tour in and around Tehran for 2-3 hours.
We will take you to look around, free of charge.
Although our volunteer greeters may not speak your language perfectly, we are full of energy to show you what we have in Tehran and we may know about Tehran more than you do!

With us the traveler does not walk along the beaten path paved by tour operators, but mingles with the locals and takes part in their everyday life.
We cannot accompany you at the museums, mosques and monuments, nor give you any special and detailed explanation about history, architecture, and art; we do not waste time giving long and boring descriptions of places as if reading aloud a thick dryly written guidebook.
We do not stuff the tourist’s memory with a huge lot dates and figures.

We are here just to chat with you friendly and talk about our daily life in the city!
Tehran Greeters are volunteers who want to show you how welcoming are the people of Tehran and therefore they offer their time for FREE … in return, they just want to speak with you in the language they wish to practice and to have a great time!

So… there are no maps, no book guides, open your eyes, and just immerse yourself in our daily lives.

Please contact us at least two weeks before your arrival in Tehran, preferably even sooner.

We will be glad to find a Greeter for you who meet with your special requirements. It may be even more exciting for you if you let your Greeter surprise you with his or her own ideas.

Each Greeter endeavors to plan your walkabout in an individual manner. You meet at an agreed place and start your two to three hour exploration through Tehran – either on foot or by public transport.

Come as a guest, and leave as a friend!